Gemstone Jewellery, Hand Crafted in Manchester by Saskia Wycroft

The independent jewellery designer Saskia Wrycroft designing a piece of contemporary gemstone jewellery from her workshop in Manchester, UK.

Hi, I’m Saskia, and I run an independent jewellery design business in Manchester, England.

I’m passionate about gemstones, and you’ll find stones of all colours, shapes, sizes and finishes throughout my store.

I opened my business in 2014 at fourteen years old after making jewellery for fun for a few years. I chose to wire wrap gemstones as they were a product I loved myself, but found were really overpriced. I knew I could make and sell them for less than half the price, and that’s what I did. Since then I’ve learned a few new techniques and perfected my basic jewellery making skills. 

Unique gemstones, unique jewellery

Every piece of jewellery I make is as unique as the gemstone it’s crafted around. Each piece is unique and crafted with appreciation of its beauty.

I use a mixture of polished and raw stones in my pieces, and I like to work with a variety of geometric beads and rough nuggets depending on what best fits the piece. All the stones and minerals I use – from amethyst, bloodstone and black agate to lapis lazuli, kyanite and peridot – are quarried in Brazil, China, the UK and Madagascar.

Everything I make in my workshop is available for buying online for UK and worldwide delivery.

Why not go and find your next favourite gemstone, and have a look through the collection?

Saskia x


The indepedent jewllery designer Saskia Wrycroft crafting a piece of contemporary gemstone jewllery.
Saskia Wrycroft's independent jewellery workshop in Manchester, UK.