Gemstone Jewellery, Hand Crafted in Manchester by Saskia Wycroft

The independent jewellery designer Saskia Wrycroft designing a piece of contemporary gemstone jewellery from her workshop in Manchester, UK.

Hi, I’m Saskia, and I run an independent jewellery design studio and workshop in Manchester, England.

I’m passionate about gemstones, and you’ll find stones of all colours, shapes, sizes and finishes throughout my gemstone jewellery store.

I love to believe there’s a home, a setting, for every gemstone, and I’ve spent years honing and perfecting my craft so I can offer a range of interesting, uniquely beautiful pieces; from simple gemstone hoop earrings and modern gemstone necklaces to funky, chunky, contemporary gemstone hair accessories.

Unique gemstones, unique jewellery

Every piece of jewellery I make is as unique as the gemstone it’s crafted around, whether it’s the unique patterning of the tiger’s eye in the beaded bar necklace, the depth of colour in the kyanite resin padlock necklace or the sparkling simplicity of the peridot resin band rings. Each piece is unique and crafted with appreciation of its beauty.

I use a mixture of polished and raw stones in my pieces, and I like to work with a variety of geometric beads and rough nuggets depending on what best fits the piece. All the stones and minerals I use – from amethyst, bloodstone and black agate to lapis lazuli, kyanite and peridot – are quarried in Brazil, China, the UK and Madagascar.

Everything I make in my workshop is available for buying online for UK and worldwide delivery.

Why not go and find your next favourite gemstone, and have a look through the collection?

Saskia x


The indepedent jewllery designer Saskia Wrycroft crafting a piece of contemporary gemstone jewllery.
Saskia Wrycroft's independent jewellery workshop in Manchester, UK.